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Dilemma of a Modern Home Owner : How to Live Large in a Small Condo

With the desire to reduce urban sprawl, commuting and offer affordable housing to urbanites, several Ottawa developers have built several downtown condos with many more on the way,  including Central by Urban Capital - but how do you create your new modern sanctuary for more than just sleeping??  We advise choosing versatile furniture that has multiple uses for multiple activities :

1] The Calypso sofa bed - a throughly modern, sexy sofa which also opens up into a comfortable bed.

2] The Faze end table, shown here in oak wenge and brushed stainless steel frame, can be tucked into a sofa or bed and can be opened up to be a tv table.

3] The Cabo console table's clear thick glass practically disappears, and it also doubles as a sleek, modern desk.  

4] We just matched the modern classic Veuve chair with the above glass Cabo console / desk for a client. It looks and feels superb as a dining, side, desk or guest chair!  It's totally comfortable and doesn't take up as much space as an armchair or the Aeron chair.

5] We love this beautifully designed modern glass dining table called Enigma. It has a wood extension to accommodate guests or extra prep and serving room.  The black glass reflects the surroundings hence almost disappears while making a statement.

6] The sculptural Y Design Daybed can be used in a variety of ways such as a chaise between dining and living spaces or a guest bed as the name implies. (designed by cky's multi-talented Yvonne). Also serves as a gift wrapping or laundry folding surface !!

For more modern, condo style furniture options check out cky design group's new furniture pricelist

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