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March's Top 3 Tips - Scale is Everything

What does scale mean and how is it relevant to your interior space ?
Scale has several meanings, but the one we are demonstrating here means size, especially in relation to surrounding objects and architecture :

Tip #1 : Increase the scale of an object to achieve drama and/or strong focal point for a room. 
Here is an over-the-top example, but you get the idea ! :


Tip #2 : Think Big to make a statement. 
Notice that not only the size but location of this chandelier is not something usually seen; but because of the similar scale [and color] to the surrounding furnishings it absolutely works ! Living room by our design guru Phillipe Starck :

Tip #3 :  Think small, but many.
But be careful because with small tiles on a large area, it is easy for a space [especially a small shower stall such as this one] to look waaaay too busy.  This designer chose one, simple, smooth, dark color mosaic tile with contrasting grout. It's the lines that create the texture and pattern, not the tiles themselves :


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