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Our Design Studio Renovation

We have a wonderful design studio in the Glebe, Ottawa that is attached to an artist cooperative. The atmosphere is vital, creative and inspiring where our clients and suppliers come and go. Still, we felt we needed a little facelift to celebrate our second wonderful year together as CKY Design Group!

After the end we had our design plan for the studio (new lighting, raise the ceiling 2 feet, paint floors and walls and a custom wall mural) we started the demo...

BEFORE the reno; our ceiling was only 7'6" and our lighting was abysmal [i.e. broken, contractor grade crap!] :

Ceiling raised and we're ready to paint

We set up office in the hall. Fortunately our building is filled with chill, creative types so it was kind of fun.

Karyn testing colours.

Some fun vignettes of the final studio :
CKY custom designed mirror
Custom wall mural
New lighting
Why don't you stop by and see us?!


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