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Open cky - Studio Party!

66 Muriel Street Open House A Great Success!

cky design group thanks you all for joining us in our funky little building in the Glebe for our 1st annual Open House. 
It was a wonderful opportunity for the city to see an eclectic array of creative people making a living through their talents. It was also a great chance for the 3 cky girls to mingle and bond with our building neighbours the way you only can over good art, design, music, conversation and copious amounts of vino! 
Our beloved studio space. Table lamps from Modern Light
The Iron Maiden built by Victor Elliott.

Karyn, Yvonne and Moi. The cky ladies

 Work in Heidi Conrod's studio

Karyn's amazing daughter Arran of Studio B Hair Salon

Andrea Warren in her studio and a detail of her layered abstract painting

Industrial designer Ray listening to Victor Elliott prop master at the NAC talking with his fans ;)

Ottawa realtor Steve Brouse (right) chatting with Rawlson O'Neil King

Industrial designer James chatting with Diane and Heather

Painter Eryn O’Neill and her man Porter (& brand new hubby), famously known as ‘EryPort’ 
The fabulous Joseph Cull (who's much appreciated, delicious spicy short bread were the hit of the evening!) and the lovely Debbie Mcgee

Meanwhile things were hopping downstairs at the Film Production company Slalom
Julie Cooper in front of a David Fels painting. Slalom owner Marie Pierre and my dear friend Katie Faughnan 

Painter, writer, cartoonist extraordinare Dave Cooper and friend (sorry I can't know everyones bloody name!) 'pose'

Dead soldiers.

It was so nice to be able to introduce dear clients, colleagues and friends, many of whom had heard of each other but had never met. Ottawa is the city of 1 degree of separation I always say.  

A good time was had by all.

See you next year!

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