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Treating Our Senses at the Urban Element Event Kitchen

So where do designers go to treat themselves for fun, friendship and decadence in Ottawa?

Recently we attended a fabulous "City Bites" tasting dinner hosted by foodie Shawna Wagman at the Urban Element event kitchen. The theme :  to learn about the 5th flavor called Umami, basically meaning savouriness. Here is one of our favorite dishes created by chef Steve Wall [balsamic shiitake mushrooms, cauliflower puree and Parmesan tuile] :

Although food was the focus, we of course couldn't help but admire the gorgeous space created by the owners, Carley and Oliver Schelck. The open kitchen, soft lighting and complementary textures [e.g. glazed brick, polished concrete, brushed stainless steel] make for perfect dinner theater - a feast for all the senses.

Here is Steve contemplating in the fabulous cooking theater - check out the gorgeous brickwork [this space was formerly a fire station] slab of marble in the foreground ! :

And just when we were winding down, full and happy and sleepy, a stop at the washroom started a debate about the walls of all things ! Is it wallpaper or is it a mural? Have a look and see for yourself....regardless, the design is sublime :

Thank you Urban Element for treating us to a slice of sensational heaven.!

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