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House Design and Build

Hello all, Karyn here, 

So my husband Victor and I are building a house. Whoo Hooo! We are pretty excited and anxious. We finally have the building permit in hand, after jumping through hoops with the city to get our reversed driveway and clerestory approved.

Concept Design Drawings

I started designing the house (a linked semi detached) a year ago. It was going to be quite a simple first time attempt at building, but creativity has a way of running amuck...  My first concept was to have a space with an interior courtyard that housed an actual tree...the idea of bringing the outside in, especially in our climate when we spend most of the year inside... really appealed to me.  Another concept was to join the houses together with adjacent stairwells eliminating the no man's land (which has no use except for garbage cans and clutter and is awkward to maintain) which happens when you have two houses built close together and with 4' setbacks. I feel that this space can be put to better use as stairwells that are set back enough to still give privacy to the neighbour .

The other idea was to create a light well (the bump up shown in the rendering below) or clerestory ...one that would illuminate the interior of the house, which can be an issue when you are limited to the amount of glazing you can have on exterior walls that are adjacent to other houses.
As you can see the house has taken on a bit of a Deco influence with its flat roof and horizontal mullions in the black windows. The finishes are still to be be determined but because we have no allowance for a brick sill all I can tell you it won't have any traditional brick ... likely concrete or porcelain tiles ...I wish I could find a house in Ottawa that used porcelain tiles on their exterior!
Anybody know of any???

We will continue to share our journey with you as things move eventfully forward. 


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