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Black And White Trendy Kitchen Room Design

Luxury kitchen set design, interior home most complicated. There are a lot of expertise should be involved. Brought into a real kitchen set design is teamwork skills are honed Annahape Studio for many years.
It's not easy to integrate creative work that involves, say, 10 creative expertise. Namely, an interior designer, carpenter, expert finishing, glazier, graphic designers, electricians, carpenters water, installer of granite, mosaic artisans, craftsmen and furniture not miss an electronic expert to install a cooker hood or stove.
This black and white kitchen design from Futura Cucine named Asia looks very stylish and trendy. All doors are made of fir veneered chipboard combines perfectly with the which still handles. This stainless steel surface is in perfect harmony with embedded sink and cooktop. The brushed fir Shelving with built-in LED lamps create very pleasant and romantic atmosphere.

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