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Love your home inside and out!

Spring is here. It’s time to design your outdoor room !

We believe Interior design and landscaping are a major part of the overall package of how a house looks and feels. Your backyard and garden is a very special place. If you take the time to nurture it, it can be a real refuge where you can escape the pressure of modern day life. Many do not spend enough time in planning it and it becomes an impersonal and cold place – something that needs to be mowed or weeded to stop it getting out of hand rather than a haven of peace.

Much of it is in the planning and if you can afford it, it we highly recommended you invest in professionals who offer landscaping. On that note: cky design group is very excited to announce a new partner in home design Yards Unlimited, Ottawa’s award-winning landscaper, http://www.yardsunlimited.com/html/about_us.cfm

A few examples of their beautiful work.

Aim to bring your home’s interior style, your taste in furniture and your home's colour palette to your outdoor!

Stay tuned for more blogs on outdoor furnishings and balcony and roof top landscaping. 

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