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Philips LED Second Generation LivingColors Lamps

Bored with your daily white lamp which seem so monotonous? Just don’t! Now with Philips new LivingColors could brighten up your day. Philips’s LivingColors lamp is a great edgy modern addition to your interior design, and more over it looks chic, simple and modern.

This new lamp can brighten up your life 50% brighter than the old version while giving you various lighting colors to your room. It produces 16 million colors with 7 LEDs and simply create a new dimension for your daily activities. Even, with a vast variety of colors to choose you will be able to determine your moods; Romantic or even Party time with a lighting craze; with this LivingColors lamp.

Philips also produces a perfect white light for your everyday life usage too. The lamps are designed in four different types such as ; a standing lamp, a wall lamp and two ceiling lamps; and colors ranging from Black, Crystal, White Gloss, Floral and Mineral. This product will be available ranging from $226 to $353.

New Cool LED Lamps Second Generation of LivingColors Lamps by Philips-8New Cool LED Lamps Second Generation of LivingColors Lamps by Philips-8








Philips LED Lamps Second Generation LivingColors Lamps Philips

Philips LED Lamps Second Generation LivingColors Lamps Philips

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