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Electrifying Bookshelf by Alexandra Dicairano

Impulses in our brain is made of just like electricity circuits. Shelf stores usually made with an ordinary design, which only functioned as a place to place books. Someone needs more than just an ordinary place to put the books in their everyday life, needs something like dynamic and creative impression in his life, as well as a place to put books. Other than the book shelf dynamic and creative impression just like the essence of the book itself , in it contains the results of the impulse / the writer`s thought which can be reflected on book shelf, it also has to be able to invite our impulse-the owner to interact with the author`s impulses.

This connecting impulses design can be found on the short circuit by Alexandra Dicairano shelf. This inordinary bookshelf unique design gives a dynamic, creative and energetic sense in the room and also might just electrify your reading mood.



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