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Think out of the box fabulous outdoor furniture!

It's Spring, It's Spring, It's Spring?
OK, so we are past being fed up with this rainy, cold 2011 spring and summer is surely just around the corner, Right!? So we are optimistic doing another post on décor for your outdoor rooms that you will be spending time in soon.
Here are a few of our favourite outdoor furniture companies and some of there unique outdoor pieces

Andrew Richard Designs are built for durability and longevity in all climates. Here is an especially sexy, sleek outdoor sectional
How relaxing is this Dedon four4 post outdoor bed, yawn.... :)

Or Dedon's handing Nest Rest! COZY!

Create an oasis with this multi-faceted Dedon organic structure

I love Emu's Horus patio lounge chair. Beautiful and so comfortably designed

Emu's Cetra teak extension dining system, perfect for hosting family gatherings and neighborhood BBQ parties

The Ivy collection by Paola Navone for Emu is a line of metal outdoor furniture that is meant to be overgrown with tendrils of green. Inspired by topiary art, the concept is to be as one with nature

The cover of the EMU Alveo lounge chair protects from the suns rays and creates a cosy space to be shared. How romantic.

The modern Emu lounger's Leaf overhead shade is covered with an outdoor resin mesh fabric that filters the sun light and UV rays. 

 Happy Victoria Day everyone! 
Blotchya later!

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